Tinton Falls

Tinton Falls 30” PCCP Water Transmission Main Inspection


This project, for New Jersey American Water (NJAW), consisted of replacing and lowering large sections of existing 30” diameter PCCP main and creating access points on the main, for subsequent internal inspection and assessment of approximately 5 miles of 30” PCCP main. CRJ was able to install a 30” diameter butterfly valve under live flow conditions by utilizing a 30” Line Stop; thus preventing any interruption to NJAW customers during this process. CRJ also installed a water main bypass system and worked closely with NJAW to coordinate and reduce the duration of the necessary shutdown of flow from the Swimming River Treatment Plant. CRJ cut and removed sections of 30” PCCP and replaced with new 30” ductile iron pipe, lowered the main alignment, and installed access point fittings all within an 8 hour shutdown window during overnight hours. As a result, the impact to surrounding customers was greatly reduced during this critical process. Two large precast concrete structures were installed complete with 16” gate valves and 2” air release valves to create access points into the 30" main. CRJ’s attention to detail and extensive preparation led to the overall success of this installation.

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