Hoboken Electrical Feeder Replacement


This unique project involved installing new concrete encased electrical ductbanks and manholes which, when complete, will serve as the primary feeder system for the North Hudson Sewerage Authority Adams St. Waste Water Treatment Plant. The new configuration will provide redundancy and features flood resistant measures to reduce the threat of catastrophic failure to the plant’s electrical distribution system.

Approximately 1,900 CY of soil was excavated and disposed of off-site, of which approximately 700 CY of PCB contaminated soil was safely transported and disposed of at an approved disposal facility. To construct the new ductbanks, CRJ installed over 12,000LF of 4” PVC conduit, 390 CY of reinforced concrete and 7 waterproof precast manhole structures. Numerous buried utilities conflicting with the proposed ductbank alignment were encountered throughout the excavation process. CRJ was able to self perform all the necessary utility relocation work and in turn prevented any schedule delays.

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