Branchburg 16” Main Replacement Under Route 22


This project involved replacing a section of existing 16” diameter water main crossing under Route 22 at the intersection of County Line Rd. in Branchburg. To accomplish this, CRJ excavated and shored large access pits on either side of Route 22 and installed 180 LF of 36” diameter steel casing under Route 22 using jack and bore methods. A new 20” HDPE pipe was then pulled through the 36” steel casing (parallel to the old 16” main) and tied in to an existing 16” main on either side. The existing 16” water main served as a primary feed for both Readington Twp. and Branchburg Twp. CRJ and New Jersey American Water (NJAW) worked closely during the construction process and was able to perform the entire main replacement and interconnections without any shutdowns or service interruption to NJAW customers. To accomplish this and facilitate the main replacement, CRJ installed a total of one (1) 16” insertion valve, two (2) 16” line-stops, four (4) 16” wet-cuts and tapping valves, and six (6) 16” butterfly valves. After the new water main was installed CRJ abandoned the existing section of 16” main in Route 22 by cutting and capping each end and filling the main with cement grout.